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Charter Schools

OII’s Charter Schools Program (CSP) provides funds to create promising new public charter schools, to replicate high-quality public charter schools, and to disseminate information about effective practices within charter schools. Federal funds are also available to help charter schools find suitable facilities; reward high-quality charter schools that form exemplary collaborations with traditional public schools; and invest in other national initiatives that support charter schools.

Each year, the CSP publishes notices inviting applications in the Federal Register for CSP’s federal discretionary grant programs. The Charter School listserv is a free service offered by the Office of Innovation and Improvement. Subscribers interested in Grants, can receive periodic information relevant to Charter Schools. If you would like to receive information on these grants, please click on this link to subscribe. Also, an overview of CSP’s FY 2018 notices is available here:

FY2018 Overview of CSP Notices

Periodically, the CSP posts information and datasets related to CSP’s grant programs. Please check here for updates:

CSP Awards Dataset             Analysis of CSP Awards Dataset

Our Programs:

Charter Schools Program Grants to State Entities (SE)

charterthumb1The CSP grants to State Entities is a competitive grant program that enables State entities to award subgrants to eligible applicants in their State to open and prepare for the operation of new charter schools and to replicate and expand high-quality charter schools, as specified by statute. Read More

Formally the Charter Schools Program State Educational Agencies (SEAs)

Developer Grants for the Opening of New Charter Schools

charterthumb2Non-State Educational Agencies in States in which the SEA does not have an approved application under the CSP may receive grants directly from the Secretary for planning, program design, and initial implementation of charter schools, and to carry out dissemination activities. Read More

Charter Schools Program Grants for Replication and Expansion of High-Quality Charter Schools (known as “CMO,” in reference to charter management organizations)

charterthumb4Under the Replication and Expansion for High-Quality Charter Schools competition, the Charter Schools Program awards grants to eligible applicants, including non-profit charter management organizations. Eligible applicants must have demonstrated success, including success in increasing student academic achievement. Grant funds may be used to expand enrollment of one or more existing charter schools by substantially increasing the number of available seats per school or to open one or more new charter schools based on the model for which the eligible applicant has presented evidence of success.
Read More

Credit Enhancement for Charter School Facilities Program (Credit Enhancement)

charterthumb5This program provides grants to eligible entities to enhance the credit of charter schools so that the charter schools can access private-sector and other non-Federal capital in order to acquire, construct, and renovate facilities at a reasonable cost. Read More

National Dissemination Grants

charterthumb3The CSP National Dissemination program is authorized to make awards on a competitive basis to support efforts by eligible entities to support the charter school sector and increase the number of high-quality charter schools available to our Nation’s students by disseminating best practices regarding charter schools. Read More

National Leadership Activities Grant (National Leadership)

charterthumb7This competition supports efforts by eligible entities to improve the quality of charter schools by providing technical assistance and other types of support on issues of national significance and scope. Eligible applicants may apply as a partnership or consortium. Eligible applicants that are charter schools may not have any significant compliance issues (as defined in the notice), including in the areas of student safety, financial management, civil rights, and statutory or regulatory compliance. Read More

State Charter School Facilities Incentive Grants (State Incentive)

charterthumb6This program provides competitive grants to help states establish and enhance or administer “per-pupil facilities aid” for charter schools. The federal funds are used to match programs funded with nonfederal dollars that make payments, on a per-pupil basis, to provide charter schools with facilities financing. The program is intended to encourage states to share in the costs associated with charter schools facilities funding, and as a result states pay an increasing share of the cost of the program. Under this grant, the maximum federal share of facilities funds decreases each year (from 90 percent in the first year to 20 percent in year five) and phases out entirely after five years. Read More